Three Benefits Of Full Body Deep Tissue Massage

6 September 2022
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Are you experiencing muscle aches, back and neck issues, and overall body stress? Then it would help if you considered a full body deep tissue massage therapy to help unknot those tense muscles. Massage therapy offers stress and pain relief, lessens fatigue, and induces relaxation. As such, deep tissue massage is one of the most famous techniques used by therapists. They ensure they exert deep pressure on your body muscles to release the tightness and tension held within the connective tissues. Individuals can turn to full-body deep tissue massage to address some common medical issues. Keep reading the article to learn more about the benefits of deep tissue massage. 

It Offers Pain Relief

Based on a 2014 study, research illustrates that deep tissue massage therapy is an effective chronic pain reliever. Scientists likened its effects to those of anti-inflammatory drugs. Thus, whether you are living with a chronic ailment such as arthritis or cancer, a sports injury, or suffering from excessive lower back problems, a full-body deep tissue massage can offer pain relief. The massage will help relieve muscle tension and loosen the knots causing you pain. 

It Improves Flexibility

Many patients often complain about stiff joints, neck, and tightened shoulders. In very severe cases, stiffness can impact your mobility, cause muscle cramping, and induce painful inflammation when walking, standing, or carrying loads that may put a bit of weight on your joints. Note that anyone can experience body stiffness, especially those with a history of neurological disorders or if you have experienced rampant sprains and strains from activities. However, the good news is that a full-body deep tissue massage can help alleviate your stiff muscles and improve your flexibility, translating to an increase in range of motion. Thus, you should schedule your massage today to better your activity performance. 

It Helps Alleviate Labor and Child Birth Discomfort

Most pregnant women often complain of lower back aches and muscle stiffness, especially in the second and third trimesters. As such, they are advised to get a full-body deep tissue massage to help alleviate the pain experienced during labor and childbirth. Moreover, studies illustrate that women who received deep tissue massage therapy reported decreased anxiety and depression and experienced significantly less pain in their aching joints and muscles. It is also possible that deep tissue massage enables pregnant women to have a lesser labor time and reduced childbirth pain. Eventually, deep tissue massage therapy offers expectant women peace of mind, knowing their muscles may handle childbirth with greater ease than before the massage. 

For more information about full-body deep tissue massages, contact a local professional.