Suffer From Poor Posture? Schedule A Massage

7 September 2022
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People often visit their local massage therapist for help with an injury or to feel more relaxed. Massage can help in both of these situations, but you may wish to turn to this hands-on type of treatment in other scenarios. If you sit all day at work, it's a good idea to consider the state of your posture. While some people do a good job of sitting upright, you may feel as though your posture isn't the best. Sitting with poor posture may not be causing discomfort for you now, but there's a good chance that discomfort will occur in time. Visiting a local massage therapist may help, as they'll work on several parts of your body that relate to your posture. 


When you express your desire to improve your posture, there's a good chance that your massage therapist will begin by assessing your back. This assessment can often reveal that you have tight muscles in this part of your body. This muscle tightness may affect your ability to sit up straight; if you find that it's more comfortable to slouch, tight back muscles may be to blame. Your therapist will use a variety of hands-on techniques to loosen these muscles. After your session, you'll likely find that it's easier to hold your back in a proper, upright posture.


People who have shoulder tightness will often struggle to hold their shoulders back when they sit in a chair. If your shoulders fall forward, this can negatively affect your posture and lead to all sorts of issues. For example, you may develop neck pain because your shoulder tightness is causing you to hold your neck at an uncomfortable angle. When you visit a massage therapist for postural help, they'll likely treat your shoulders. Loosening these muscles will make it easier for you to hold your shoulders back in a proper position.


The hips also play a role in your posture. A lot of people have tightness in this part of their body without necessarily knowing it. Hip tightness can make it tempting to slouch when you're seated, as you may feel that it's difficult to sit up straight. You can expect that your massage therapist will work extensively on your hips to loosen the muscles. If you often lean to one side while seated, one hip may be tighter than the other. Your massage therapist will create balance in this part of your body, allowing you to sit straight with more comfort and ease.

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