Can Acupuncture Help Your Post-Surgical Dental Pain?

16 September 2022
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If you recently underwent oral surgery, you may take medication to ease your pain. But if your medication isn't effective enough to ease your pain, try acupuncture. Acupuncture treats a wide range of ailments, including dental pain. Learn how acupuncture can help ease your post-surgical dental pain below.  

What Should You Know About Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that treats a great number of ailments, including dental pain experienced after oral surgery. Oral surgeries, such as tooth extractions and root canal therapy, can cause inflammation in the nerves in your face. Pain medications may not suppress the nerves. 

The inflamed nerves can transmit pain signals throughout your face and head. Acupuncture relieves pain by placing tiny, thin needles at different points in the head and body. The points travel along various energy pathways in the head and body. The needles relieve pain by releasing the energy in the pathways so that the head or body no longer experiences or feels pain. 

If you think acupuncture can help ease your dental pain, visit a specialist today. 

How Do You Prepare for Acupuncture Treatment?

The first thing you should do is consult your dentist prior to your acupuncture treatment. Your dentist may want to see you in the near future to check your surgical site. You want to be sure it's okay with your dentist to receive outside care for your pain. If your dentist says it's okay to receive outside care for your pain, go ahead and keep your acupuncture appointment.

An acupuncturist or specialist may ask you to do a few things to prepare for your acupuncture treatment. The treatment requires the use of sterile needles. If your skin contains moisturizers, makeup, and lotions, you may need to remove them prior to your treatment. 

You also want to tell a specialist about any medications you take for your post-surgery dental pain. Some medications may dilate the blood vessels in your face and head. Acupuncture can increase the blood flow through your veins. You don't want to take anything that may dilate your blood vessels even further. If possible, try to avoid taking any medications before your treatment. 

During your appointment, a specialist may ask you to lie down on a table for your treatment. If you struggle with neck or back pain, inform an acupuncturist immediately. A specialist may provide you with cushions to ease your discomfort.

Learn more about acupuncture and how it helps dental pain by contacting a specialist today.