Why Therapeutic Massage Is Good For You

19 September 2022
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Therapeutic massage is beneficial for a number of conditions. You might want a massage for a sports injury, arthritis, back pain, or stress reduction. The massages can be taken regularly and along with other medical treatments your doctor provides. Here's why therapeutic massage is good for you.

The Massage Increases Blood Flow

When the therapist kneads and rubs your skin and muscles, blood flow to the area increases. This is beneficial since blood carries oxygen, growth factors, and nutrients that repair tissues and help with tissue health. Increased blood flow might help you heal faster from an injury and work to reduce pain.

Therapeutic Massage Relaxes Tense Muscles

Muscle tension can lead to chronic back and neck pain. Tension can be caused by poor posture, anxiety, or stress. A massage therapist kneads tight muscles so they relax. When that happens, blood flow increases, and muscle tightness and pain decrease. Having a therapeutic massage on a regular basis could help your muscles stay more relaxed so you can combat neck stiffness, back pain, headaches, and other conditions caused by muscle tension.

Massage Helps Reduce Stress

Stress is hard on your health. If you feel stressed frequently, you may want to try yoga, visualization, chanting, positive self-talk, and therapeutic massage. As your muscles relax, your entire body and mind become relaxed too.

You may feel your stress melt away during your massage, and when you have regular massage sessions, you may find you can handle stress much better on a daily basis. Your massage therapist can recommend the best schedule to get the best long-term effects from your massage sessions. Reducing stress makes you feel happier in general, and it can have a positive impact on your health too.

Massage Can Break Up Scar Tissue

Some types of therapeutic massage can be a little uncomfortable. This can happen with deep tissue work when the therapist puts pressure on trigger points. The therapist presses on your body to find painful spots and then applies more pressure for a short period of time. This helps break up adhesions and scars that may be causing pain.

Breaking up tissues stuck together improves your range of motion and blood flow. It can also help speed up the healing of injuries. Therapeutic massage can help muscles, fascia, and other tissues feel less painful for both acute injuries and chronic pain.

However, a therapeutic massage shouldn't be so painful that you're uncomfortable. Give your therapist feedback about how you're feeling so they can adjust the techniques they use to give you the best results while keeping you comfortable. 

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