Three Things To Expect During A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

25 October 2022
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A buildup of fluid in specific parts of your body's lymphatic system can be unpleasant, leaving you feeling sore and stiff. Many people who face this situation turn to the help of a massage therapist — specifically, a therapist who specializes in a technique known as lymphatic drainage massage. This treatment can help to alleviate some of the unfavorable symptoms of this health condition, which can be a boost to your overall quality of life. Lymphatic drainage massage shares some similarities with the conventional massages you may have had in the past, but there are some differences. Here are three things to expect from lymphatic massage therapy.

Very Gentle

While some people like experiencing a deep tissue massage, in which your therapist really digs into your muscles, this isn't something that you'll feel in a lymphatic drainage massage. In this scenario, your body will be extremely tender. This means that your massage therapist will work very gently on you. You can expect them to use light pressure in an effort to get the built-up fluid moving away from the areas in which it has accumulated. Because the therapist is moving fluid, rather than working a knot out of a muscle, gentle pressure is all that is needed.

Concentration In A Few Areas

When you book a conventional massage, your therapist will often work on many different parts of your body. For example, they'll likely knead your back and neck, work on your legs, and even loosen your tight chest muscles. This general approach isn't something that you'll encounter in a lymphatic drainage massage treatment. Because fluid may only be built up in one or more specific areas, the majority of the treatment will focus on these points.

Quick Relief

In a conventional massage, you might feel some relief immediately after the treatment, but it's also common to not notice a change until later in the day or perhaps the following day. When your massage therapist employs lymphatic drainage techniques, it's common to experience quick relief of at least some of the symptoms that are bothering you. For example, if you've been dealing with significant swelling and some associated discomfort in a particular part of your body, you may be acutely aware of significantly less swelling and pain by the end of the appointment. If you're interested in this specialized form of massage, look online to find a lymphatic drainage massage therapist who works in your area.