About Hot Stone Massages

31 January 2023
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There are so many types of massages to choose from and many reasons why one might be better than the other for someone at that moment. One type of massage that's popular is a hot stone massage. This is one that is often chosen because it can offer some extra benefits over the other types. This article will go over hot stone massages and the benefits of getting one, so you know when this is the right type for you to get. 

The basics of a hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is done by using smooth and flat stones that have been heated and placed on certain areas of the body. The places where the stones are placed will be the parts of the body that the person needs help with to ease achy or tense muscles or to help relieve damaged soft tissue. The stones that are usually used for these massages are ones made from basalt—a type of volcanic rock. They are chosen because of their ability to retain heat. 

Common areas for hot stone massages

As mentioned above, hot stone massages will be done on troublesome areas. There are some parts of the body that more people tend to have these massages done on. One of the most popular areas is the back because many people have chronic back issues. In addition, people tend to hold stress in their backs. 

Some of the other parts of the body people often get a hot stone massage for are their stomach, chest, legs, feet, palms, and face. These are common places for a hot stone massage because they help relieve stress. Some of these areas also play a role in releasing stress, such as the hands and feet. 

Some benefits of getting a hot stone massage

Some of the benefits of having a hot stone massage can be the same as when getting other types of massages. However, the help of hot stones can offer those benefits to a higher degree. For example, while most types of massages can be relaxing, the hot stones can help that relaxation be so much more than with another type of massage. 

A hot stone massage can be great for relieving tension in muscles, as well as pain. Someone who struggles with chronic pain may make getting a hot stone massage a regular part of their weekly routine because it can help them to get a better grip on the pains they regularly suffer with. Also, their ability to receive tension makes them popular for people who participate in sports or who do strenuous workouts. 

Hot stone massages do such a good job of relieving stress that there are many people who get these massages to help prevent issues like anxiety attacks. Additionally, any breakthrough anxiety attacks after a hot stone massage may end up being milder thanks to the massage.

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