Deep Tissue Massages—Therapeutic Strategies And Preparations

15 February 2023
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A deep tissue massage is a procedure that is sought when muscular pain interferes with daily activities. Unlike a sports massage or a reflexology massage that utilizes gentle pressure, a deep tissue massage uses strong pressure applications that target sore muscles. These applications focus on reducing toxins from the body and realigning the muscles that have been causing discomfort. 

Deep Tissue Sessions

Deep tissue sessions are conducted in a setting that is similar to one where a sports massage or a reflexology massage is given. A client's state of mind at the onset of a massage procedure can greatly influence how beneficial a massage will be.

If a client is calm, for instance, they will naturally relax their body throughout a massage. This allows a masseuse or masseur to directly target the parts of the body where pain or soreness has been noted. Deep tissue sessions can address one part of the body or multiple parts. A licensed massage therapist will determine a client's needs, based upon their consultation with them.


Your massage therapist will outline the manner in which a deep tissue massage will be conducted. Loose clothing that you wear during a session will keep you comfortable. The hand movements that are executed during a deep tissue massage are more prominent than those that are utilized during a massage that is designed to induce relaxation.

Because of the added force that is applied during a deep tissue massage, you may experience slight discomfort at the onset of your massage session. Your massage therapist will use oils, creams, and other support aids to make your massage experience as comfortable as possible. Your therapist may recommend that you stay hydrated, both before and after the massage.

Hydration will aid with releasing toxins from your body. During a deep tissue massage, the pressure that is applied to various muscles will prompt the toxins to dispel from your body. The structure of your muscles may also be addressed during a massage session. Muscles that are knotted up may eventually loosen as the massage therapist uses their hands to apply pressure to them.

After your massage session has ended, treat yourself to a hot shower. Some massage studios feature a changing room and shower area that clients can use. If the place where you will be receiving a deep tissue massage offers services like these, pack a change of clothes and a towel.

Contact a local deep tissue massage service to learn more.